Friday, September 5, 2008

Level Up!

Yes, it's happened again: I traveled through BQC-land and racked up enough experience points and side quests to level up my ninja guy.

Jenn's Green-Black belt test highlights:
  • Jenn & Kim's Wind Demo has been dubbed by owner Mary "the funniest demo ever in the history of the Boulder Quest Center." How did we do it? How did we top the hoody-ninja and the tobi-ori off the red wall? A simple acting school game called "dubbing." Good TSD technique + moving one's mouth + two voiceover people = comedy gold.
  • Shout out to Thomas and Jeff for their vocal improv skills. We'll be talking about that one for a while to come.
  • Especially because apparently, none of it got recorded. Camera SNAFU. :sigh: Ah, the ephemeral art that is theatre...
  • Snax at 4580. A bit high-priced for Jenn's regular habits, but they make killer dates-wrapped-in-bacon, and gourmet fries. Oh, and lamb dolmas. Mmmmmm...

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