Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blast From the Past

Was chatting the other day in the MSCD Stage Combat class about Ren Faire. It always sounds like the coolest thing in the world to those who first hear of it (particularly the quaint way Jas and I met there). But I, in my bitter, jaded, theatre-professional cantankerousness, always wryly smile, roll my eyes, and remark how much of a pain it was.

When I actually think back, though, it was fun most of the time. Tiring, yes, but how thin, lithe, and tan was I back in those days (the aerial dance didn't hurt either. Or did. You know what I mean...)? And let's face it, I was getting paid to write, assist with choreographing, and perform nine really cool fights. This is the kind of thing the MSCD Stage Combat club is interested in, and I'm not sure I'm not either. Anyway, I thought I'd put up an old pic from Ren Faire for kicks and giggles. I call this one "Broad's Swords." :)

Students: we're talking about eye contact and focus. This picture was taken right before me (center) and Geoffe (R) "accidentally" clash weapons. Can you see how he has set up this "mistake" already, and how I'm looking right at my target? I can assure you that the audience didn't see this moment, but it was essential to the realistic and safe execution of the joke.

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