Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wii Would Like to Play

We in the Bonzuko household love our elegant, geek-themed, brain-expanding-yet-addictive toys. In an earlier post, we expounded on the virtues of...oh that's right, we haven't told you what that toy is that you want. Oh yes, you want it.

But now, listen up kids, our latest healthy addiction is the Wii Fit game. Once you log in your BMI and play some very odd balance games, you can't wait to sully that pristine white plastic surface of the board with your feet again.

I'd encourage everyone to have this very awesome addition to and motivator for your exercise regime, but it looks as though Wii systems are insanely hard to get (let alone expensive) and the game itself is even harder. Oh well, we'll have to have a Bonzuko Fitness (and then homebrew?) party sometime soon I suppose.

Jenn's Favorite Wii Fit games: most yoga is fun; that one where you're in a penguin suit and catching fish; the put-the-ball-in-the-hole game; Rhythmic Boxing, and...well most of them are fun. What's yours?



Jordan said...

having only the most cursory knowledge of the wii i can only speculate on the benefits that acctually being involved in the game you are playing can offer in terms of hand/eye/rest-of-you coordination. that being said i am very familiar with video games in general (surprise!) and am overjoyed with the fact that nintendo has finally put to rest the video games=laziness argument. The wii has successfully brought video games into the physical realm and i am a firm believer that it is only a matter of time before the mental aspect of video games meets this new physical aspect and we will all be leaping about our homes, enjoying fully realized games (no offense nintendo) that are both mentally and physically challenging in the comfort of our own danger rooms, holodecks or whatever your preffered nerd reference may be.

-Jordan Doll

Lets just try and be careful with those wii-motes eh kids?

Bonzuko said...

I am a PC gamer myself--I even played games intensely in the years I had no TV. The Wii is a dfferent monster altogether. There's a game that we call the "ninja game" in Wii Play that tests your attention, an archery game with a special's really a different monster, and I'm really glad we got it over other more conventional consoles.

Bonzuko said...

Has anyone gotten to the Zen meditation part of the Balance games? Talk about a trip...