Friday, September 26, 2008

Stage Combat Club News

Enough people at MSCD continue to be interested in the fine arts of fake fighting. Many of them composed my little informal bands of performers that helped me immensely with my two booksigning events in Boulder last year. The Advanced Class you can read about on this blog was also a product of said interest.

After having waited to hear from the official officers of the MSCD Stage Combat Club, I decided to go ahead and make a meeting time that worked for me and see who showed. Unfortunately, our President, Wee Katie, has an opposite schedule to mine. Maybe she can be in charge of meetings on a day I'm not there. We'll have to see about that. ANYway,

The four gentlemen that came by are psyched and ready to start playing Tuesdays, 11:45-12:30 this semester, and are already looking forward to this summer's Advanced class as well. Now let's gather our folks, have an election, and get some fund-raising started. I want to start looking at plans for RMTA.

So for those interested: You have to be a MSCD student, and have to be free to play with us Tuesdays (for now--there may be more meetings later). You don't have to have any Stage Combat experience or you can be a professional, or anything in between. Once we get our official stuff going, there'll be a due of $5 per semester. Cheap!

MSCD Stage Combat Club news and posts will appear here on the Bonzuko blog, so anyone in it or interested in it should visit here often.


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