Thursday, August 28, 2008

Have a nice Trip! See ya next Fall!

Why does one relocate position?

Consider a throwing technique from the martial arts ... most devastating.

When thrown, a person's physical space is taken. Relocation is involuntary and receptive. Recovery is possible if one is properly trained or intuitively responsive. If not, one is vulnerable to major injury or total devastation.

When throwing, a person assumes the physical location of another person. Relocation is voluntary and invasive. It can be a strong strategic maneuver.

With proper form, one may be dominant and stable after executing a throw. Without training or when fueled by emotion, this attack is clumsy and easy to counter by a professional martial artist.

At Bonzuko we stress the importance of understanding ways of receiving and redirecting a fall of any kind. This is important from the earliest stages of martial arts training, and should be practiced on a daily basis and under various circumstances.

Age and physical condition will require adjustment to the intensity and methodology of this training. Yet there is no reason to consider this "advanced training." It is possible to adjust the level of training to accommodate.

Make no mistake: taking an unexpected fall of any kind is one of the most likely high-risk activities one may experience in everyday life.

There are times to roll, and times to simply receive a fall most safely. There are times when rolling to receive a throwing technique is absolutely inappropriate. Training must encompass all ways of dealing with this issue.

And yes, this applies to psychological falls, falling short of expectations, being "put down," and more.

So, have a nice trip! See ya next Fall.

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Bonzuko said...

Note my post titled "injuries" re: this topic as well. Well said, Jas.