Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fighting by the Book

I thought I'd post this article from October of last year for all you blog-lurkers out there who may not have seen it. The coolest picture ever, if I do say so myself.


Calandez said...

OMG!! i remember that day! ahh good times. since i have been here at Disney (going on 3 weeks) i have been able to see many show here most especially at Hollywood studios. much of what Jenn is teaching is every show here at Disney. as a cast member i get to see all of these shows in the parks for free. and of course watching them i see much of what is taught in stage combat. the funniest one i have seen is the Indiana Jones adventure show... the audience gets involved and of course there is a mat..for saftey sake...also they show a lot of the hand to hand combat. the only difference is- they have sound effect for the knaps. there is much to see if there is interest in continuing in stage combat- there is a lot to do here in the keep on studying!!! Hazah!

Bonzuko said...

Great! I'm glad you can see some of the techniques you've worked on so diligently used by other professionals besides me. :)