Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer's Almost Gone...

Next week is the (early!) beginning of school, and we're getting geared up here at Bonzuko. Here's how we prepare for another Fall of getting us some book-learnin':
  1. Gal-Lager, the watermelon lager, is in the tertiary fermenter, to be bottled in a week. Talk about a smashingly refreshing beverage for the change of seasons!
  2. Sitting on the edge of our seats for the season finales of Last Comic Standing and America's Got Issues, er, Talent. Getting the dumb summer shows out of the way to make room for smarts!
  3. Reading Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, to prepare for Jason's ensemble performance class. Jenn is jealous.
  4. Making syllabi and creating online shells, of course. Concocting textbooks. Not as fun as Alice.
  5. Sampling Boulder's array of patio and rooftop pubs with gorgeous views. Yes, we have lots of sunscreen, don't worry.
  6. Actually, who are we kidding: we're hiding at home in the air conditioning. But it's a nice thought.
  7. Hey, we got a chin-up bar!! The office has never been so pumped! Do you smell that fitness? I do...


Bonzuko said...

Chin. Up. Bar.

If you don't own one, you are missing an easy & free workout every time you pass through a doorway.

Make it easy on yourself!


Bonzuko said...

The Gal-Lager is SO GOOD.