Monday, August 25, 2008

Harry Potter and the half-Baked Flashbacks

No I'm not quite in Squee-Land about Harry Potter, but suffice to say that (though I am a bitter, jaded, old-soul Fantasy geek) I have (ahem) enjoyed it quite a bit. Also I will add (cough, fidget) that the films have really been quite beautiful, if abbreviated, and the latest one actually was pretty artistic.....

Okay, okay, somewhere in all that I'm admitting I like Harry Potter. So the next film (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) was supposed to come out this Fall but has been pushed to Summer '09 to bank on all our cash. So now we all have a much longer time to slog through the very long 6th book again to get ready.

Or...check out this smart-and-snarky abbreviated parody of the book written by one MollyRingwraith. I equate her parodies to the Reduced Shakespeare Company's Complete Works of Shakespeare: it's hilarious, smart, detailed, and is obviously the product of a well-read person. Read her Half-Blood Prince parody here:


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