Monday, October 27, 2008

Week 5

Hey everybody, it's Week 5 again at the Boulder Quest Center. Though I won't be there the rest of the week (Jas' b-day) it's still a great week to go and play those free class cards I passed out (if you didn't get one, get one from me whenever you like). Week 5 means that not only is it non-gi-week, but it's open-forum training (training by request) and bring-a-friend week for students.

My Stage Combat students get extra credit for going there, and have till the last day of class to use their cards, but again it's a good week to go play.

Also, this Friday is Halloween. It's also testing day at the BQC. It'll certainly be the place to be this Friday night, as there will be decorations, a sweet To Shin Do test to watch, and a potluck and party afterwards. If you want to go, let me know via email by Thursday class or evening, so I make sure and make it there. It should be a pretty fun display and excuse to dress up in costume (besides the MSCD class performance).

Speaking of that, the MSCD students will have a Halloween performance on Oct. 30th. They will be ready to show off their swordfighting skills in costume, and will be using their first fake blood packs. This should be a lot of fun as well.

So hey, come check out the MSCD sword class on Thursday and the BQC test on Friday for some costumed combative fun!

MSCD stage combat class: 10am-11:15am, Auraria campus, King Center 140. Map here.
BQC October belt test and Halloween party: at the BQC. Youth/Adult test 6pm, party after. Map here.
Images: Jenn and Hannah at the MSCD Halloween performance, 2007; Jenn and Thomas on Halloween at the BQC, 2007.

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