Thursday, October 30, 2008

Almost Halloween!

Today was the MSCD Stage Combat Class' Sword Fight Performance, their last technique test before they begin the long process of scene-integration with three weapons for their final. Overall, they had some great costumes, some very sticky fake blood and a few groups stood out with well-created, well-put-together choreography. Erin Ramsey was a guest viewer for today--she's a MSCD student and a longtime student of Geoffe Kent, the SAFD guy in our neck of the woods. I was musing about how old my RenFaire outfit actually is. It's ten years old. Yes. ten. Hear that, Mom? (she made it)

Pictured are some of the highlights of today: the Rock Star vs. the Sith; Drama vs. Comedy (comedy is dead--get it?) and Jordan's so great costume. Another fight that was a standout was Nate and Mandy's Mexican Wrestler vs. Spanish Lady fight. There was a lovely head slam and the way the fake blood squirted down the wall...priceless.
Good job, everyone! ~Jenn

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