Friday, October 3, 2008


Wow, has it been a long time since I've been within the hallways of Boulder High. I mean, a LONG time [insert Obi-Wan quote here]...

Today the Boulder Quest Center did a demo at Boulder High School, in the middle of the very loud and cement-floored cafeteria. It was a blast! We scared and excited those who watched, and did a lot of sweating and free-response stuff, with weapons and without. We did one half-hour presentation and then another a half hour after that.

I was pretty pleased with my own level of falling and rolling--I mean, I always call myself good at taihenjutsu, but it's rare I ever do said taihenjutsu on anything but mats. The floor in the cafeteria was slippery, smooth concrete. Not dojo mats, not gym mats, not even a wooden stage or gymnasium floor. Not only was it predictably hard to fall on (literally hard!) but we had to watch our footwork as well. As Kevin said, "It's a place to use good taijutsu."
I had a heckuva lot of fun.

BQC @ BHS event: performers: Jenn, Justin, Keegan, Kevin, and Simon for the second one. Kudos using your lunch period for this, Simon! I brought my camera, but didn't have a chance to snap any pictures, unfortunately.

Safety Tip of the Week: tater tots are slippery. ;)

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