Friday, October 24, 2008

MSCD stage combat 2008

Halloween is around the corner, and with it the third skills test in the MSCD Stage Combat class. In this class, we learn the basics of three weapons: unarmed, quarterstaff, and single sword (rapier). They have already performed skills tests (very well, I might add) in unarmed and staff. On October 30th, they'll combine their Halloween costumes, fake blood packs, and rapier skills test for a no-doubt colorful exhibition. It's a tradition begun in 2006--there's usually a day during the week that either is or is very close to the 31st, and I figured what better day to learn how to make blood packs?

Posted here (with permission of the models within--thanks fellas!) are two pictures from previous skills tests in class: Andreas and Noah's unarmed highlight and Brady and Jordan's staff fight highlight. You can see here the excellent isolation and acting (Brady and Jordan's very funny janitor fight scene), and one way you can combine freerunning and stage combat to good effect (Noah rarely has his feet on the ground).

Enjoy these pics, and I hope to post some Halloween fight selections next week. ~Jenn


Chris Ayers said...

This is why film is a little better then actual theater. Obviously falling down actual stairs "correctly" is going to hurt but at least in film one can have a mat or mattress or something to land on at the end. But the end is not what would worry me. It's obviously hitting actual stairs on the way down. I don't care how trained or tough you are, you're getting hurt.

Bonzuko said...

Did you mean to post this below? :)

Yes, I guess in some ways you can do more with film b/c of edits and more masking possibilities. Yet at the same time many films (at least today) use this editing thing too much--at the expense of telling a physical story. And it is sad when you can see huge differences between the stunt person and the actor.