Friday, January 2, 2009


The Rocky Mountain Theatre Association's website is finally updated. On it you'll see a long list of the presenters for the festival--the list of experts and specialists who will be teaching the many workshops to the attendees. The only reason Jenn's is so short is that she actually adhered to the word count restriction given in the application! :) If she had known, she'd have put up more cool credentials, but hey, a book is a pretty cool credential, eh?

The Unbeatable Bonzuko Team will both be at the RMTA this year: Jas is partner to a MSCD student who is competing in the acting competition, and Jenn is one of the presenters. See this link for the RMTA newsletter with details of the workshops and bios of teachers. It should be pretty exciting, not the least of which finding how the Bonzuko green commuters will get the heck up there to Durango!

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