Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Geared up For Spring

The holidays are over, and the new academic cycle is beginning at the Bonzuko home office. Jas is settling in to a new workout schedule, and looking forward to some Hospitality classes as well as getting some requirements out of the way. Jenn is already doing her DU online classes and is looking forward to another Metro spring! Here are some of the more interesting things coming up within the next few months:

  • New and improved Villains, Monsters and Foes class Jenn's teaching at DU to their Liberal Studies grads
  • Jas taking Wine Appreciation at MSCD
  • New Stage Movement Class at MSCD, almost chock-full!
  • RMTA 2009
  • Stage Combat Club now a cross-school endeavor
  • and who knows what homebrew and martial arts projects will be enjoyed

Image from the Clownlympics performance, Stage Movement Spring 2006. Kris and Chris.

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