Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fight Clip Club

A rehearsal day from the lightsaber class: this is the 3-person fight: Scott J., Paul, and Nick. Mind, this is still rehearsal mode, lovely lurkers. ~Jenn



Bonzuko said...

The break dancers we shared our mats with were mesmerized by you guys! :) ~Jenn

Anonymous said...

Great music choice Jenn!

-Scott (Everlast)

Bonzuko said...

It came with my laptop. I figure I can use it if so, right? ~Jenn

Brady Darnell said...

What is wrong with Stuko's head? Oh, wait, he's not wearing a hat. How did you manage that?
BTW, if you look on the end of my videos for the "Music by" credit, you'll see a website full of royalty-free tunes. Donations are appreciated, but not required. I've e-mailed with the guy, he's pretty cool about use.

Jenn said...

We decided that Stuko is the universe's first Jawa Sith.