Friday, May 30, 2008

Jenn Likes These!

Who wouldn't want tabi with just a tad more arch support, and sweet colors to boot?

I've been addicted to wearing Royal Elastics day, night, fancy, casual, and on the mats for a while now. They're split-toe sneakers with (ahem) elastic wound around in fancy ways, and they breathe pretty well. I walk around everywhere and these nifty shoes can take it.

The only thing: they do tend to fly off when one is either thrown very hard or executes a very fast roll or cartwheel. And, since I haven't been able to perfect the art of aiming them at someone as it happens, I have taken to not wearing them in hardcore training situations. Also, they are a tetch "fem." Most of my Y chromosome pals find them borderline or downright too girly. Other than that, though, they stand up to, er, standing, walking a lot, running a little, hopping, ninja jumping, teaching movement or writing classes, presenting and accepting awards, and in general making people go, "oo, cool shoes!"

Also, I can dress my black ones up or down. But then, this is Boulder.

And they don't get caught in escalators. :)

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